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Top 10 Non-Chinese Brands of Smartphones in India

India is the largest mobile market in the world with more than 135 crores population. It is also most popular destinations for technology, electronics and smartphone companies. Here is the list of best brands of Non-Chinese mobile phones available in India by Country.

1. Pixel by Google – United States
Pixel smartphone brand by Google is an Android operating system based phone with best smartphone camera, unlimited cloud storage, unlockable bootloader, IP68 water and dust resistance.

2. iPhone by Apple – United States
Apple Inc is the most popular American technology company and also one of the top five best Big Tech companies in the world alongside Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.

3. Nokia – Finland
Nokia Corporation information technology and electronics company has headquarters in Espoo, The company has operated in so many different industries and known to be a trendsetter in mobile industry. The Nokia company mobile and smartphones are major contributor to the mobile telephony industry in the world.

4. Samsung – South Korea
Samsung is a South Korean company and its popular affiliates include chipmaking, electronics, heavy industries and information technology. Samsung Electronics is the largest manufacturer of mobile phones and smartphones, also has developed 5G capable smartphones.

5. LG – South Korea
LG Electronics is another famous South Korea electronics company with four different business units, Mobile, Electronics,Entertainment and Home Appliances. The company manufactures mobiles, curved smartphones under the brand name LG, G series of tablets and Smart watches.

6. Sony – Japan
Sony Corporation is a Japanese company and its diversified business includes entertainment, gaming, television, video games and smartphones. Sony Mobile is wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation, created Android smartphones under the Xperia.

7. Panasonic – Japan
Panasonic Corporation is also a Japanese company and also one of the largest electronics producers from Japan along with Sony, Hitachi, Toshiba, Pioneer and Canon Inc.

8. HTC – Taiwan
HTC Corporation is a popular Taiwanese consumer electronics company that designing and manufacturing laptop and mobile phones. The HTC was once in the competition with Apple and Samsung, htc desire, wildfire are the popular smartphones from htc and the company also launched 5G hub, vive and phone for blockchain and cryptocurrency.

9. Asus – Taiwan
AsusTek Computer is another popular Taiwanese mobile brand that currently holds a big mobile market in India, after Chinese smartphones. The company known for the ZenFone series of Android smartphones released in India on 19 under the name Asus 6Z. Asus products not only includes mobile phones but also desktop computers,monitors, servers, workstations and laptops.

10. BlackBerry – Canada
BlackBerry brand of smartphones are designed and marketed by Research In Motion, now known as BlackBerry Limited. The Canadian company has partnerships with TCL Communication for designing mobiles under the name “BlackBerry Mobile”.


Source: walkthroughindia

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